We Help Family Caregivers Achieve 

Greatness and Peace of Mind

Our mission is to support family caregivers with tools and conversations while recognizing their value, contributions, and sometimes sacrifices. As a caregiving community, we offer a space to connect with others, without judgment, focused on effectiveness and options that accommodate the needs of everyone’s unique dynamics. 

Why work with us

Communication and clarity are key, especially for family caregivers. Caregiver Brilliance closes the gaps in services, needs, and knowledge on the caregiving journey. Instead of feeling the threat of crises and burnout, find your tools to build an effective support network.  We invite you to join the community and conversation at Caregiver Brilliance, where family caregivers thrive. 

1-to-1 Confidant Services

Personalized services hourly or packages with a Confidant to focus on your specific needs. A Confidant listens without judgment or advice, offers practical tools and resources focused on supporting you as a family caregiver. 


Join a CareCafe where we share a topic or reflective question related to caregiving, the ensuing live Q&A allows us to focus on relevant, timely issues affecting everyone. CareCafe is about you, the family caregiver, and real-time response to real-time issues, situations, and dilemmas. 

Essential Series & Infinite Guides

We understand the huge amount of information caregivers are exposed to.  Enjoy the Essential Series, one-page fact sheets on a wide range of topics, from transportation to nutrition, designed to get you thinking, doing, or talking. The Essentials get to the point to help you be effective and empowered. 

The Infinite Resource Guides are a collection of products that serve to improve safety, comfort, or overall well-being. Whatever the quality of life issue, our Infinite Guides have options for you.